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“On” (2020)

“Maybe this is the meter, the tight loop turning in thickened air, a see-sawing conversation between, say, the laburnum and an upright oscilloscope. Each track accrues illegibility and searing detail like a mechanical keyboard accumulating alluvium in The Delta. I mean, for all its semantic obscuring, the entwinement of the mechanical and the biotic seeds a gorgeous physicality on Ro’s album, tender and keen, and it buds these astonishing baroque flairs from the thicket: an ornament, a flower, virtuosity, loveliness.”

Ed Atkins, March 2020

“When Paroles says that he has found the fool, the clown replies, ‘Did you find me in yourself, sir?'”

Risographed, heat-embossed gold foil cover by Wilfred Wagner, KLD Repro, Copenhagen.